Clash of Clans – Peter17$ WINS The Game (he thinks)! Episode 10!

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July 1, 2014
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July 2, 2014

Clash of Clans – Peter17$ WINS The Game (he thinks)! Episode 10!

Clash of Clans Attacks, Galadon, and present Episode 10, the dramatic conclusion to the comedic(?) series ‘Win Clash of Clans’ – brought to you by special guest host, Peter17$.

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Thank you for checking out Clash of Clans Attacks- your complete source for all things Clash of Clans! Replays, game play, and tutorials galore to help improve your gaming experience and make you a better Clasher! Everything Clash of Clans related is here- but today, Peter17$ focuses on defending- his gem box defense and unwitting trolling is showcased here!

Special thanks to all of you who have subscribed, and are helping to make this one of the fastest growing Clash of Clans YouTube channels! I read ALL of the comments, and am always open to suggestions to help me make the channel better, and ideas for future episodes- and iTunes and Google Play giveaways are ALWAYS happening! Thanks again for watching, and subscribing!

Please don’t take Peter’s advice seriously. He thinks WAY too highly of himself! There were NO cheats, hacks, or other tricks used by Peter! There’s no such thing as a working hack or cheat or free gems (other than apps like app nana and the like). The first two people to tweet me @LostPhoenixClan this phrase: “Pete did not cheat, the game cannot be beat, Clash of Clans is really neat, I tried to play it with my feet!” will get $10 U.S. iTunes or Google Play gift cards. Your choice!

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